Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Neocons

With all due respect, but what's going on in your red-white-and-blue brains?

Short story of what happened: I've just learned from Gary North that several US aircraft carrier task forces have recently been sent to the Persian Gulf area without a publicly defined mission. Speculations on why they were dispatched come to vastly different conclusions; some claim they might simply replace currently patrolling carriers, others name the possibility of preparations for an attack on Iran.

Whatever the reason may be, moving considerable parts of one's military forces around the globe without giving a plausible explanation is like setting up a sniper rifle aimed at your neighbor's bedroom window. Or charging at your neighbor screaming "You dead man soon" with a knife in your hand. In the first scenario, it may have been "just a nice garden decoration" and the perceived knife attack may have been you rehearsing for your drama group play, but people will think of you as a lunatic anyway and treat you that way as well.

You may not care about your neighbors, but you better care about the biggest oil exporters in the world that happen to be flirting with one of the most potent resource distributers, Russia. You also better care about world peace, at least for the sake of your (or other folks') children.

What is it that makes neocons so bellicose?

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