Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are you insane?

According to some ivory tower prisoners at Harvard Law (sic) School, you could be if you share the opinions expressed on this blog.

As the Cato Institute reports, a conference will be held to analyze the "free market mindset", creating ample opportunity for leading "social scientists and legal scholars" to express their nicely worded aversion for the system of production and exchange that has probably enabled most of them to be in the lofty position they occupy today. Maybe we're just narcissistic egoists, out-of-control Randroids, maybe we lacked attention in our childhood and now we're megalomaniacs. Who knows?

In an age that treats compromise as a virtue, principled opposition to evil is easily categorized as an insanity. That shouldn't stop us from being stubborn and insisting on our rights to life, liberty and property, no matter how many "scholars" disagree.

(hat tip to Ars Libertatis)

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