Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Best - Feb 08th 2009

I decided to add a new feature to my blog: the Sunday Best. Every Sunday, I'll post a reading recommendation in three categories:

1) All-time best article
2) Best news-related story
3) Most inspiring debate

Today, the winners are as follows:

1) All-time best: The Hunt Brothers' Silver Corner by FSK
I've yet to see anyone describe the events surrounding the attempted cornering of the silver market by the Hunt family in the 1970s that accurately. Almost a Shakespeare play. Very well-informed documentation of the events that happened, a must-read.

2) Best news-related: The Federal Reserve's Self-Imposed Dilemma by Gary North
An excellent description of the catch-22 the Federal Reserve has maneuvred itself into lately. You'll recognize the direness of the situation once you understand the mechanisms behind it. Definitely worth a look.

3) Best debate: Microsecession as a strategy and the prospects for a new Hanseatic League by Stranger on the Mises Institute boards
It's been going for one and a half months now and discusses the idea of tiny libertarian micro-societies either splitting off from existing state territories or being founded on uninhabitated islands to function as a regional trading centre and a model project for libertarians to point to. Is that the right approach? You decide.

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