Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Best - Feb 15th 2009

1) All-time best: Schelling Points by khydraa
An analysis of why the state is still seen as a moral and sound entity despite its obvious systematic and ethical flaws. Also contains some interesting historical evidence for the claims made. An enlightening read for anyone wondering why the state is so effective at, well, governing people.

2) Best news-related: National Healthcare FAIL: Japan by David Z
A sickening case of socialized medicine failing to help those who are really in need. It's just an empirical observation, of course, but proves the libertarian point that socialization of certain sectors of the economy does by no means guarantee that they will be available to you should you have to depend on them.

3) Best debate: Does free will exist? on the Anti-State boards
Maybe it's because I have been pondering on the issue myself for quite some time now, but I found these exchanges very helpful and instructive. One should not be so quick to accept and promote the idea of "free will", even if one is advocating freedom in general.

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